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Become a High-Performing Team

Does Your Group Function as a Committee or a Team?

Many executive groups act as committees that reinforce functional silos in the organization and thereby encourage dysfunctional behavior.

A strong and high-performing team significantly raises the likelihood of business success and become one of the most important competitive advantages.

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How Are You Doing?

Take Our Assessment to Get Your Condition

How healthy is your organization? Take our quick health check to get a snapshot of your business vitality, your leadership strength, your strategic management, and your operational execution.

All growth and change starts with awareness of your current situation. These 28 questions will inform and challenge you to take action.

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Blue Ocean Strategy

Take advantage of this groundbreaking approach and create new market space. Qualified by the INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Initiative Center, we deliver this program to organizations.

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Performance Excellence

Use the Baldrige systems perspective to create sustainable results with ethics and integrity. As experienced examiners, we assist organizations in the pursuit of excellence.

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Leadership Coaching

Do you need to overcome barriers and take your leadership to the next level or do you seek new challenges on your own path?

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In the News

How worldviews and mindsets influence strategic planning was the topic of Soren Eilertsen and Armin Pajan's talk on "Strategic Planning in an Evolving World" at the ASP National Conference in Pasadena, CA

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In the News

Winter in the cold! KaosPilots in Denmark hosts Soren Eilertsen in January for a three-day workshop on Strategy & Innovation to the final year students at this unconventional social and business innovation school.

In the News

Strategy & Leadership magazine published "How did Strategic Planning help during the economic crisis?" by Soren Eilertsen and James W. Wilson in the March/April 2010 issue.

In the News

Dr. Soren Eilertsen has been invited to teach Business Strategy as Adjunct Faculty at Pepperdine University's Graziadio School of Business and Management.

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